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Financial Domination

We always like to hurt you... sometimes it may be with BDSM and Kink or it may be draining your funds. As two  Professional & Lifestyle Dommes we are used to being treated to the high life. VIP treatment and designer clothing. However we would like you more if you invested in our future. 

Adopt a Monthly Bill

  • Just because $50

  • Acupuncture $100

  • Utilities $150

  • Mani/Pedi $180

  • ​Groceries for the week (we only shop at Whole Foods.) $200

  • Car Insurance $200

  • Cell phone $237

  • Rent $2000

 Amazon Gift Cards

A lady can never have enough Amazon gift cards please send them here:

**We DO NOT accept P a y p a l**


Invest in our future

Your Goddess and Mistress beckon you to surrender to our irresistible allure and invest in our stock portfolios, for it's time to prove your devotion and fuel our mutual financial desires. Indulge in the ultimate act of submission—invest with us, and together, let's ascend to the heights of success and decadence.


Contact us at: to find out exactly how you can make direct payments. A few of our investments consists of: 

  • Precious Metal IRA

  • AirBnB

  • Real Estate

  • Roth IRA



Are you ready to sweep us off our feet and make our hearts race? It's time to explore our sinfully seductive Wishlist. Picture us draped in luxurious lingerie, adorned with delicate lace and silk, as you fuel our desires with every irresistible gift. Or imagine us strutting our stuff in sky-high Pleaser heels, leaving a trail of temptation in our wake. Your generosity won't go unnoticed, as each gift brings us closer, weaving a web of mutual pleasure and unforgettable memories. So go ahead, be our knight in shining armor and indulge in the art of giving—it's time to set our world ablaze!

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