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Financial Domination

We always like to hurt you... sometimes it may be with BDSM and Kink or it may be draining your funds. As two  Professional & Lifestyle Dommes we are used to being treated to the high life. VIP treatment and designer clothing. However we would like you more if you invested in our future. 

Adopt a Monthly Bill

  • Just because $50

  • Acupuncture $100

  • Utilities $150

  • Mani/Pedi $180

  • ​Groceries for the week (we only shop at Whole Foods.) $200

  • Car Insurance $200

  • Cell phone $237

  • Rent $2000

 Amazon Gift Cards

A lady can never have enough Amazon gift cards please send them here:

**We DO NOT accept P a y p a l**


Invest in our future

The ultimate way to spoil us is by investing in our stock portfolio's. Contact us at: to find out exactly how you can make direct payments. A few of our investments consists of: 

  • Precious Metal IRA

  • AirBnB

  • Real Estate

  • Roth IRA

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