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Hello there Pet! Welcome, we are Pro Doms MistressNaia and Mistress Frankie, she/her. Although we are based out of Atlanta, Georgia we can and do travel domestic and international, on your dime of course. Female domination is what we are all about, We are more superior than you and oh so addictive. You have been forewarned.  Just one hour with us will leave you feeling as though you have entered sub space. We are buxom, alluring and intelligent. As a real life lesbian couple we enjoy exploring kink with subs who adore ebony women and are open to the adventure of being tag teamed. Mistress Naia is the stern mommy ready to take you over her knee and spank you with  her wooden spoon and Mistress Frankie is the  sadist who delights in torturing every inch of your body and mind.


A session with us will always include double Domme/sub with elements of humiliation. Frankie and I have an amazing chemistry, perfectly balancing out the other to create a kinky experience that meets every want and need you may have as our sub. We really enjoy roleplay as well, mommy/aunty, teacher/principal etc. Don't be shy if you have a script/scene ideas and or specific props that you want to incorporate into the session we love that. If this is your very first time or if you have been crafting your kink with other Doms you are welcome here. Our years of experience, attention to detail and creativity are the components that will have you eating out of our latex gloved hands.

We enjoy playing in commercial dungeons and in our own private dungeon. If you are lucky enough to be selected to play with us we want you to complete a BDSM checklist. This allows us an intimate view into your personal relationship with kink. There are so many layers of BDSM ranging from hard core to soft play. We will find out exactly where your desires reside. Then once we do we will caress, mold and drain you till you are weak begging for more. If you enjoy fetishes such as bondage, humiliation, pegging, and sissyfication then you are the submissive we are seeking. 


We also enjoy playing outside of the dungeon. If you enjoy the company of TWO beautiful ebony women on your arm, then a Dom date is what you are seeking. Dining on fresh seafood and champagne at your expense or partaking in something more cultural like museums or a sporting event would make a perfect day or evening for us. Taking us shopping, watching us try on sexy dresses and high heels would be another option for spending time with us.  We look forward to hearing from you and learning more about you and the dark fantasies you've been too embarrassed to share with anyone else. Don't keep us waiting. 

 Click here to book your first session. 


Meet your Dom's 

Frankie & Naia are a duo and perform all services together however they each have their own specialties.  

Meet your Doms
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Mistress Naia specializes in: 

  • Corporal Punishment 

  • Sissyfication

  • Roleplay

  • WAM

  • Human Art

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Mistress Frankie Specializes in:

  • Psychological Torture 

  • Bondage

  • Anal Play

  • CBT

  • Trampling

  • Power Play

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